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Associates - San Bruno

We had our first meeting on Dec. 5, 2008.  Nine ladies attended.  We spent nearly two years preparing for the Commitment Ceremony.  The ladies learned about Nano and our Presentation charism.  By August 2010 they were ready to commit themselves as Presentation Associates.  The ceremony was simple but beautiful and there were tears of joy.

During our time of preparation we availed of Sr. Julie’s visit to tell us about her work as Director of Vocations.  This was a timely visit as the ladies were getting very interested in our Congregation and its work.

It was a good time to engage in some project that would help our Sisters who are in direct ministry with the needy.  We chose Shaw as it is a new ministry and could do with help.  Being very practical we decided to knit scarves and caps for the needy.  We had many laughs as some members did not know how to hold a knitting needle.  However all produced something and even engaged their friends to help.  One thing led to another and one lady decided to put a dollar into a jar every day and donate the proceeds to Shaw.  How important good example is!!

We hope to invite others to join our group.  Nano is fairly well known around San Bruno now.  We hope to continue the good work of living her charism.



Associates   -    San Antonio


Sister Sheila Donegan  with the Associates



Sr. Joan Mulvihill with the Oakland/San Lorenzo Associates