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The Presentation Prayer Center

We, Presentation Sisters, commit ourselves to a Spirituality of being in Communion that seeks God in the inter-connectedness of the whole of creation and empowers active love for self, others and all of nature. Gathered in union with the Cosmic Christ, we experience our interconnectedness and the call to communion in our diversity. This interconnectedness draws us to nurture and reverence the Cosmos, Earth and its peoples, particularly those most wounded.

The spirituality of being in communion affirms the need for a lifelong accompanied journey in living the mission of Jesus. It engenders critical questioning of the systems in which we live and work.  It encourages the mobilization of our resources to where the needs are greatest.

As we prepare for our 8th Congregational Gathering we are invited to immerse ourselves in the theme: Awakening to the Mystery of God - the God in whom we live and move and have our being.  As Presentation Sisters we continue the journey in the presence of the Holy One. The Spirit of Christ is urging us from within to live out of a Christ Consciousness and to become a more authentic community of faithful women.


8th Congregational Gathering 

Prayer for our 8th Congregational Gathering

Great Light of Divine Wisdom
Stream forth to our being
And through Your Spirit
Let us be of service to the WHOLE of life.
Love from the Heart of God,
Radiate our being with the presence of Christ,
Nano, and all those who have gone before us,
That we may walk the path of truth and justice.
Great source of Creation
Empower our being and our planet
As together we continuously awaken
To the mystery of God.
Let wisdom, love, and power stream through us
During our unfolding Congregational Gathering.
Great spark of Creation,
Awaken us to the Divine Presence
So we may hold the MYSTERY OF ONENESS.