Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Union of Sisters of the Presentation
of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Associate Ellen Mahli Honored for Justice Work

by Friend of Nano Kathy Hogan

Ellen MahliAssociate Ellen Mahli was honored at the Fargo, N.D., Martin Luther King annual event sponsored by the Fargo Human Relations Commission. Ellen is a lifelong volunteer and advocate for people in need of compassion and justice. She was a nurse for 58 years, including 34 years at what is now Sanford Health. During her years of service, she specialized in mental health, substance abuse, clinical ethics, geriatrics and healthcare management. She has worked closely with Churches United for the Homeless and helped to establish the Gladys Ray Shelter. Among her many activities today, Ellen serves on the Center for Interfaith Projects; is a Presentation Associate of 18 years and member of the  Presentation Sisters’ Peace, Justice Collaboration and the Prayer Center board; chairs the Catholic Health Initiatives Villa Nazareth, Friendship and Riverview Place board of directors. Her passion for Nano and love of being Presentation is endless.

Ellen is not only known for her local justice work, she has a lifetime of justice work in South and Central America;  working with the homeless in New York City; and advocating for Palestinian rights. She also has decades of commitment to work in South Africa.  

Ellen has two amazing sons Dan and David and 6 beautiful grandchildren. 

Click the link below to view the video from this event about Ellen.   https://download.fargond.gov/0/4k_ellen_mahli_with_captions.mp4